Residential Programs: We support programs which theraputically treat abused and neglected children 0-12 years of age who are coping with, but not limited to the following; learning and developmental problems, behavioral problems, youth suicide, eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, adjustment difficulties, aggression, violence and criminal activity.


Accelerated Life Preparatory Training Academy: This program is designed to provide an array of support that permit youth to develop the capacity for living independently. The components include, but are not limited to; counseling, educational services, vocational training, life skills training, health services, housing services and legal services.




*Aid agency professionals in caring for children affected by physical abuse, general neglect, sexual abuse and abandonment.

*Aid health care professionals in care and research in finding cures and saving children.

*Establish residential homes for children 0-12 years of age

*Establish accelerated life preparatory training academy for foster care youth ages 13-17 to prevent homelessness among emancipated youths and young adults.