Fighting for Lives raises funds and works with children in a myriad of capacities. From Kenya to Ghana and Indonesia, Parvez Alam and others build schools, free medical clinics and aid in sports equipment/activities, giving underprivileged children opportunities not otherwise afforded to them.



Association Little One (It* Pulcino) refers to a baby chick. These friends respond primarily to the needs of young patients hospitalized in the neonatal intensive care units of Veneto, but also meets families of children born preterm or with severe defects at birth and hospitalized in a unit. Their commitment is aimed at creating prerogatives for optimal development of all children discharged from the intensive care units.



Alberta is an accomplished artist in her field of contemporary jewelry design. She is not only an incredible artist but a wonderful and giving spirit. Alberta has long collaborated with several foundations including KITO, most recently Action Against Hunger (she donated one of her works of art to be put up for auction), and the Rudolf Steiner (Waldorf) Elementary and Middle School in Padua, Italy where she served as a board member whilst both of her now grown daughters attended the institution. Once her daughters finished their education at Waldorf, Alberta continued to volunteer for many more years contributing in every way possible to ensure the school’s growth and progress. She has brought the Waldorf School to our attention and we are looking forward to collaborating with them.

Direct from Brazil, Janete is a Junior’s girls volleyball coach and technical coordinator for the Montecchio Volleyball club in Pesaro-Urbino, Italy. She has worked for several years coaching children from 3 to 16 years of age specializing in the development of motor skills through athletic activity. Janete has also been involved in volunteer work with both children and the elderly. One of her most recent collaborations (with Scavolini Volley e Casa Tingolo Pesaro, Italy) involved her lending her coaching skills to patients on the road to recovery in a women’s drug rehabilitation center several times a week. "I'm happy to work with DE51 & Friends on future projects. I love working with kids and it would be marvelous to be able to do so outside of the volleyball spectrum. I can't wait to begin."


Claudia is an elementary school teacher and juniors women’s volleyball coach (ages 7-18) for Beach and Park Volleyball Club in the Rebublic of San Marino. She has worked extensively with children and is frequently involved in volunteer work with disabled individuals. She has coached handicapped athletes for several years in various sports including bowling, boccia, and most recently Sitting Volley. Claudia also collaborates with A.S.D.E.I. "I'm looking forward to this new adventure with DE51 & Friends."



Concetta's area of expertise lies dealing with handicapped children and adults. She is currently affiliated with A.S.D.E.I. (Associazione Sammarinese Disabile ad Esordio Infantile). A.S.D.E.I. focuses on giving support to both mentally and physically handicapped persons and their families with a particular emphasis on identifying and correctly diagnosing such conditions at the earliest possible phase, during infancy. She also works with the Special Olympics Committee of Emilia Romagna and frequently participates in events involving Sitting Volley, which is relatively new in Italy despite its longstanding rich volleyball tradition. 

Jenny is a professional athlete in the total sense of the word. Some of her accomplishments include three trips to the Olympics, along with various medals and individual awards at both the junior and senior levels. She is also a two time European Championship gold medalist with her national team and boasts over 130 appearances. Jenny has twice won the Italian Championship and is a three time European Champions League winner all while she competed for Italian volleyball powerhouse Foppapedretti Bergamo. Jenny now plays for Imoco Volleyball Club in Conegliano, Italy where she happens to be one of the faces of Cuoredarena, which is a small non-profit organized by her team’s fan base dedicated to raising money to help those in need. Jenny has graciously accepted our invitation to also endorse DE51 & Friends and we are glad to have her on board.